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SIX ERP is an enterprise-grade ERP solution that adapts to any industry, and company size! With industry-leading performance, easy user experience, and complete customizability ERP has never been easier. The best: You get unlimited users and modules with only one annual license - No hidden costs!

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Hundreds of companies using SIX to run their business.

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We make sure that the work in the company is made easier. Through simple dashboards, user-friendly UX, many automations and full adjustability to personalized processes, companies can work much more efficiently.

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Six ERP Dashboard
Six ERP Mobile Dashboard
Six ERP Dashboard
Six ERP Mobile Dashboard
Six ERP Dashboard
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Your own tailored ERP Solution

Less overhead, more collaboration, endless integrations

Start with a tailor made solution, then expand to cover all other business needs. SIX covers any industry.

  • Small and Medium Business
  • Large Scale Enterprises
  • Retail
  • Online E-commerce
  • Wholesale
  • Services
  • Digital Agencies
  • Logistics and Supply Chain
  • and more...
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“ The easiest and fastest ERP I worked with. Fabulous support and excellent data integrations. Using it for all of my companies and I have to say.. I am truly satisfied. ”

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Accessible user interfaces, fast performance, unlimited modules, and unlimited users. SIX ERP adapts to your company and workflows and gives you total freedom to customize and expand as you need, all with a single annual license fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, we do set up demo instances of SIX, so you can discover the base functionalities on your own. On demo instances however, we do not provide customizations of any kind. If you want to see SIX in action, we provide guided tours, which make most sense - as our experts know SIX inside out and can provide best advice on how to get things done fast!
No, there are no restrictions on the use of modules or users. You can work with 10, 100, 1000 or 10,000 employees and use all modules without restrictions.
We believe in transparent pricing. This is why there are no hidden fees and costs. You only pay for the Setup, the annual license, which covers unlimited users and modules, and the resources you need to run the ERP system. Please see our Pricing page for more details.
Yes, we are doing migrations from different systems every day. No matter if you only use a small CRM solution or a more complex SAP environment - We can migrate you from any system. Talk with our experts.
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